Parking tickets on Park Street

There’s no doubt that parking on Park Street has gotten harder in recent years (though who knows what it will be like when people start actually using the new garage). Even still, you can always find a spot within a few blocks of where you’re going: Ole’s? Robek’s? That new, meat-free place, Central Vegetarian?

A Tuesday article by the Alameda Journal’s Alan Lopez about the accidental ticketing of cars on Lincoln’s birthday caught my eye. Not only because the there was holiday confusion—Lincoln’s actual B-D used to be an official city holiday—but because so few meter citations were issued: only 19 before 12:30 p.m? Sounds low to me. Parking tickets are a great source of revenue for cities—and prevent drivers from hogging a space all day—so why only 19?

A quick call to Sgt. Ted Horlbeck in the citation department reveals that expired meter tickets are just a small part of what his two techs who were working Tuesday were up to: “There’s a lot of street sweeping and other parking violations, too,” he said. Oh, and even though the city raised the cost of a basic parking ticket from $17 to $30 last November—the tickets issued in error were the old price because new ones have not yet been printed.


  • Ronald S.

    I don’t think anyone needs to encourage the Alameda PD to write more parking violations. They are amazingly good at it as is. As a newcomer to the area, I was shocked when I received a ticket while giving my motorcycle a tune-up in my front yard on a nice, sunny Saturday afternoon…apparently it is against the law to park a vehicle on your property unless it is on a permitted driveway. The amount of time it had been parked there (in my case 45 minutes to an hour) is not considered. I’m sure the intent of the law was to keep people from parking junker cars on their front yards…but, technically, brand new motorcycles fall into the “vehicle” definition as well. Fined for changing spark plugs on my own bike parked on my own property. They seem to have plenty of creative ways to collect more city revenue besides tickets on Park Street!