I do not like to clean up dog poop

testing againToday I wonder this: Does the law that says dogs are not allowed on school property include the grass around the school buildings–or does it just mean the black top areas/areas inside the schools’ fences? This, I wonder.

As an alert citizen, I have noted that people tend to walk their dogs around schools here on our island. My best guess is they do this as a courtesy, so that their dogs do not relieve themselves on private property. But what about the children-at-play? Because even when dog owners pick up their pets’ waste, it often leaves a shmeer-type-thing. Which is fine, but actually not fine, and maybe a little icky.

A friendly gentleman named Alex at the East Bay SPCA advises me that while, in most Bay Area cities, it is legal for dogs to poo on people’s yards as long as they (the dog walkers) pick it up immediately, his best professional advice to dog owners is train their dogs to ‘go’ prior to departure on a walk and then carry bags only for emergencies. Alex says that he plans his own walks (he has a Boxer and a Mastiff) to loop back by his own yard so that his dogs get a little walk in, come home to relieve themselves, and then they walk on. This seems a little unlikely for most pet owners–both because of the effort and, too, the training required.

And, so, doggie ownership on a mostly-concrete island seems a little tricky. At least in terms of courtesy. And so I end this with a gentle plea: kindly clean up after your pet.


  • SiSiSiesta

    Thank you for addressing this problem. Just today a couple of kindergarteners got their shoes soiled with dog poop while playing in the chipyard during recess. This is totally unacceptable!!!

    The collection of poop on the grass adjacent to the chipyard looks like a doggy outhouse for the neighborhood dogs. GROSS!!!

    So, please, if you see your neighbor’s dog out and about doing his business, remind your neighbor that this is against the law and is most unhealthy for the children and adults in the neighborhood. Thanks

  • Sweets

    I live in an apartment. No one in the apartment complex cleans up their poo but me….. it sickens me and I have called and reported it to the lanlords and they wont do anything about it.

  • http://www.barkshockcollar.com Hana Gabbin

    Give thanks to god they invented bark shock collar. The dog has learned his or her lesson and I finally have peace.