A letter from the superintendent of schools

A letter from AUSD came in the mail yesterday that I assume went to all households in the city. It’s quite quite a heart-breaker, talking about cutting $4.5 million more from the school district budget if the Governor’s cuts go through as proposed. Overall, the cuts represent a 14 percent reduction in the school budget over the last eight years. And remember that the cost of doing business goes up not down over eight years: gas costs more, electricity costs more, supplies cost more, teachers and staff benefits and salaries cost more.

Alameda’s not alone in this, of course. The cuts are being felt hard in every district. In Lafayette, the school board is asking parent groups to raise an extra million dollars and they’re cutting staff positions as well as staff hours. Moraga’s small district has prioritized their cuts to keep them as far away from direct instruction as possible. Walnut Creek stands to lose $1.2 million.