Why paying taxes is patriotic

I just posted this over there at Lauren Do‘s blog, in response to someone’s suggestion that the school district is living beyond its means:

Sometimes I think we might be looking at this in all the wrong ways. Maybe we should be asking what do we think public schools in the (arguably) richest nation in the world should provide: instruction in reading, writing, science, math, music, physical education–support for children who have special needs and support for children who are gifted. If we think that children ought to have these things, that our democracy and our nation is based on educating our youth–future citizens who will one day be running this country–then we might ask how much does it cost to provide real schools? And, because the state is not doing it, the pressure is on, if people want functioning services, to raise taxes locally. Public institutions–just like people–are imperfect, but the bottom line is that AUSD has been making do with very little, and less and less each year, and if we want to live in a place that’s safe and comfortable, and if we want our property values to continue to rise (or fall less) then we need to pay for the services that draw people to live in our community.

And I do agree with myself. :) Imagine! If we want Alameda to continue to be the place that it is–cozy, functional, safe–then we need to pitch in; we need to work together to support the institutions that make Alameda Alameda.


  • Lillie

    I believe there are two points here….I believe it is hugely important for people in our school districts as well as ALL public offices are morally bound to be excellent stewards of what money is available. I also know that in order for this country to operate in fashion we are all accustomed to we must ALL pay taxes. When our children need anything for schools, I think the only answer is for every parent to pitch in. Generally this means higher taxes. My kids are worth it.

  • RW

    Patriotic? Next you’ll be writing that Thomas Jefferson believed in public schools!

  • Lillie

    Yes. I am patriotic. I live in America. Thomas Jefferson probably went so school in some sort of little red school house. Built by his community. Whatever school supplies they had were provided by his community….and the school teacher who was paid by whatever the community could grow, produce, chickens etc was provided by guess who? The community. Yes Thomas Jefferson believed and supported the public school system.