This Week’s Alamedan: Chuck Stevenson

Chuck StevensonName: Chuck Stevenson
Age: 71
Lived in Alameda: Since 1974
Occupation: Graphic artist (retired 10 years)
Misc: Five children, 6 grandkids
Hobbies: Woodworking, photography, graphic arts

Like best about Alameda?
The people. People are very supportive. When my wife died last year all these people took care of me. I got a lot of hugs.

Would like to change about Alameda?
The traffic! It’s really changed. And about a year ago I started noticing that every time I came downtown, where could you park? Parking is horrible.

Word to the wise
Too many people are too concerned with what they look like and what they have. I have things, but I’m not a materialistic person. I don’t need the newest, the greatest and the latest. If the car can get me from A to B, that’s what I need. People and friends and family–that’s what really matters.


  • Alana Dill

    I think this attitude is wise and wonderful, and we can learn a lot from Mr. Stevenson. I agree, Alameda is a warm, friendly, and very supportive community. The other day when my home had a major plumbing disaster, one family took our daughter in for the night. And some kindly neighbors let my husband and me use their bathroom. It’s so great to call this place home, and people like Mr. Stevenson and our friends and neighbors are better than all the chichi houses and upscale bistros in the world.