Alameda and Encinal High School students protest cuts

Jim VargasFor those of you wondering what all those helicopters were doing over Alameda around mid-day, they were tracking the group of high school students who walked from Encinal High to Alameda High, where they rallied in support of high school athletic programs. Apparently, it was the traffic helicopters who saw the students walking and alerted other media. And so many Bay Area news outlets, just as they did last night, paid a visit to our small city. (Pictured above is Channel 2’s Jim Vargas.) Ian Merrifield, Encinal High’s student body president, described how the protest came about:

It started with just a few students this morning deciding they were unhappy with the budget cuts last night and they started grabbing signs. At first, it was a couple hundred kids coming outside of Encinal and then everyone said, ‘Hey let’s march to district office.’ And then we had certainly more than half of Encinal walking halfway across the island to district offices. It all went really, really well. It was great… We came to the district office and few leaders from each school had a meeting with the superintendent and we discussed our plan for action and then we brought all the kids inside the auditorium for a question and answer session.

You can find more details about the protest here.


  • Shonna

    I am proud that our children are standing united for what they believe in.

  • Kevin Dadik

    I’m a sophomore at alameda high at i beg anyone who reads this to pass the parcel tax. that is the only way to save our schools from loss of all the sports you enjoyed when you were in school and every other extracurricular activity.

  • Alex Umeki

    I am a AHS student-athlete. Cuts on sports, AP courses, and music will not happen! We won’t stand for it! PASS THIS PARCEL TAX! FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND FOR THE FUTURE!

  • Kevin Stein

    As a sophmore, I have a lot to de next year during the most important year. If we cut AP courses and sports programs, we are handicapping ourselves to get into college. It is not fair that we do not get an equal chance at college. Support the tax!!

  • Susan Davis

    Alex, Kevin, and Kevin…there’s a whole bunch of parents out here who understand what you’re saying, who get the issues, who want to help. Can’t wait to work with you all on getting this tax passed so you can have the high school experiences — and futures — you deserve! Congratulations on being such powerful advocates over the past couple of days…