KNBR Radio 680 dials in for Alameda sports

Bay Area sports talk show host Tom Tolbert has caught wind of Alameda’s budget woes and dedicated this afternoon’s drive-time show to raising funds for Alameda sports programs. They’re urging everyone to match a $30,000 donation from the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. KNBR producer Janet Magleby says Encinal High grad Dontrelle Willis has also pledged $20,000 to support athletics in Alameda schools. Magleby:

Technically, in 50 minutes we made $50,000 dollars. Hopefully everyone who hears us today will go to our Web site and donate. Even if all we raise is $50,000, that’s $50,000 more than they had.

Magleby says they hope to do more than just support Alameda athletic programs:

Sports are hurting not just in Alameda but all over the Bay Area—that’s why we got involved. We’re trying to show what a few people can do to help their community and that you can do the same in your community. People can send us an email and tell us what they’re trying to do and we’ll post it on our site and try to give it some priority on the show–we’re trying to give some attention outside your booster and your local newspaper.