This Week’s Alamedan: Dawna Dowdell

dawnaLived in Alameda: Since 1993
Age: 45
Occupation: Personal Banking Officer, Bank of Alameda
Pets: Two cats, Scooter and Fatters
Activities: Volunteer for the Alameda Police Department’s VIP program; Avon Walk for Breast Cancer volunteer crew; American Cancer Society Relay for Life volunteer crew; member, Bayview Women’s Club; President-elect Alameda Kiwanis Club

Like best about Alameda?

I like the small-town community feel. I love all the restaurants in the downtown area and on Webster Street, too. I love eating! I love that you can walk to anything in Alameda, and that people are really involved in the community here.

Would like to change about Alameda?
Some of the small-minded mentality—that Alameda should always stay a certain way. We all need to grow; everything needs to grow and change. For a city to succeed, it needs to change. I’m glad that the parking structure is there. I think it’s a good thing for downtown and a good thing for Alameda.

Word to the wise
Alameda isn’t as racist as everyone thinks it is. It’s not. It’s what you make of it. I’m comfortable wherever I go, and I want people to be comfortable wherever they go. I want people to know it’s OK to talk about things—whether it’s the war or cancer or race. It’s OK to have an opinion and for people to have different opinions.


  • Kerri Lonergan

    Dawna Rocks! Eve, thanks for doing a profile of one of the many lovely ladies of Alameda Bank. I love that I can go into any one of the three branches of B of Alameda and know the people who are helping me. How many banks are like that these days?

  • Margaret Dos Santos

    Yeah I think Dawna rocks too!!!!

  • Dolores Perata-McMinn

    Yeah, I think she rocks too!!!!! I am so proud of my big sister, KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! Love to you.