Car in the Alameda-Oakland Estuary, driver safe

The early morning helicopters above Alameda were not, it turns out, because students were protesting budget cuts and not because of an accident on 880, but, rather, they were the news copters chasing down shots of a car in the estuary. A woman apparently drove off the road in Oakland near the Fruitvale Bridge around five this morning.

I went over to take some pictures (see below), and one of the camera guys—several networks were there—showed me where the car broke through the fence, made a path to the ledge, went airborne and landed in the water. The driver is, by all the accounts, lucky to have escaped with only minor injuries. She was reaching for her cell phone when she drove off the road.

The cameraman says they think that either the driver’s windows were open or she had old-style hand crank windows that allowed her to escape. Pictures below are shots of the fence where the car left Alameda Avenue, tracks in the mud on the banks of the estuary, and then the car in the water—it’s drifted and lodged under the house in the right of the picture.