• Susan Davis

    Welcome to Alameda, Dr. MetaBlog! I’m a big fan of Eve’s and now I’m a big fan of you, too.

    Sometimes it really does take an outsider to name what’s going on in a town and I confess your choice of words just thrilled my writerly heart. I.e., I know you’re from CO, but language like “curmudgeon,” “skin flint,” and “get my goat” tickle my small-town New England roots.

    Thanks for coming to Alameda and calling it like you see it. There are a lot of us here in town who wholeheartedly agree with you.

  • Eve Pearlman

    Hi, Susan! It could be the good Dr. Metablog has New England roots himself. In any case, we sure do like having him in town.

  • Changoloco

    a very good response to the debate. We are all in this together whether we have children or not. It’s bigger than just children it affect everybody. I agree the parcel only a first step but we need to start somewhere. We need to go after the Republicans that really are against public education and state our case to the “undecided” population and to the private school parents. Let’s build one less tank, one less B-1 bomber, one less Stealth jet, focus internally as a country and not blow money on foriegn countries that have corrupt governments.