Rumor chasing: the things I do for you

Today I was just getting ready to go to yoga—a class I must go to in order to forestall great grouchiness (my kind daughter says I am not grouchy, but still)—when I heard that Lieutenant Governor Garamendi was coming to town for an event at the Bay Farm Safeway. (At first, my source said, she’d heard it was going to be Schwarzenegger himself.)

Intrepid reporter that I am, I called a very-in-the-know friend to get the scoop. As I was talking to her, she got word that it was not Garamendi but Maria Shriver coming to our Alameda. Here was an opportunity! I began thinking about what I could ask Shriver about education funding or the spraying of the light brown apple moth. So, instead of putting on my yoga clothes, off I went in my little green Honda. I brought my camera, my pen and a yellow legal pad. I also brought my mom, because she’s in town visiting (not me, my kids: her grandchildren).

At the Safeway, we were excited to see that, yes, indeed, it looked like something was up: there were two burly men in suits lingering by the west entrance to the store. “Not as much security as when I went to see Hillary Clinton,” my mom noted. But the men were friendly, and said that they were assigned to the “B” entrance—“Once you get grey hair,” said one of the men, “you go second string.”

Over by the “A” entrance there were some cameras, and lots of people milling about under an arc of red, white and blue balloons. Eventually we learned that it wasn’t the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, or the wife of the governor, but it was the launch of an awareness campaign, a partnership between Easter Seals and Special Olympics. It was held at Safeway, because the company works hard to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

It was my intrepid mom—not me, your intrepid reporter—who found out, after talking to one of the Safeway mucky-mucks, that one of the guests of honor was none other than Maria Shriver’s brother. Which is nice—I’m sure he’s a nice man. But all my fantasies of asking Ms. Shriver why special education is so poorly funded in our state (the district provides special services to children with needs, but California does not provide enough money to pay the costs) were dashed. As the event was actually not scheduled to start for some time, I returned home. Both my mother and I were safe and sound, but I was too late for yoga. This is all for you my readers, my RSS friends.


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