Pete Stark is coming to town (Alameda)

US. Representative Pete Stark, who has served in congress since 1973, will hold a town meeting in Alameda, from noon to 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 12, in council chambers at City Hall. Stark, who holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business and made his fortune in banking before turning to public service, regularly tours through the towns in his district to hear from voters like us.

Stark was an early opponent of the Iraq War, speaking on the House floor against the resolution authorizing military force in Iraq on October 10, 2002. He said, in part (my source here is Wikipedia):

Well then, who will pay? School kids will pay. There’ll be no money to keep them from being left behind — way behind. Seniors will pay. They’ll pay big time as the Republicans privatize Social Security and rob the Trust Fund to pay for the capricious war. Medicare will be curtailed and drugs will be more unaffordable. And there won’t be any money for a drug benefit because Bush will spend it all on the war. Working folks will pay through loss of job security and bargaining rights. Our grandchildren will pay through the degradation of our air and water quality. And the entire nation will pay as Bush continues to destroy civil rights, women’s rights and religious freedom in a rush to phony patriotism and to courting the messianic Pharisees of the religious right.

Stark will also be visiting Union City and San Lorenzo earlier in the day.