This Week’s Alamedan: Shipra Pathak

shipra sLived in Alameda: Since 2004
Age: 24
Originally from: Punjab, India
Family: Lives with mother, father and brother, Gaurav, 18
Current occupation: Full-time clerk at Walgreens; student at Laney College taking prerequisites for nursing school
Accomplishments: Earned associate’s degree from College of Alameda in 2007; won district-wide Chancellor’s Trophy Award
Career goal: Earn a master’s in nursing
Activities: Going to Hindu temple, community service

Why Alameda?
My father came first in 2001. He was looking for an apartment in a safe area. When the rest of the family came in 2004, he moved to Alameda.

Like best about Alameda?
Being new here, you get to meet new challenges every day and you and your family feel very proud when you achieve them.

Would like to change about Alameda?
Mostly I’m concerned about crime, even though we have less crime than other cities. I’m concerned about hate crime—or even saying bad words to a person of another race. Once I was working and a customer came in and said quite rude things. I was very quiet, and so surprised how anyone could talk that way to a person they don’t know anything about. I was very shocked by how people can treat others and what kind of feelings they have inside.

Word to the wise I would like everyone to be more aware of people with different cultural backgrounds and their beliefs so we could respect each other and have safe neighborhoods for everyone.