Governor Schwarzenegger is coming to Alameda

Our very own California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be in town Wednesday April 16, visiting the USS Hornet where he’ll participate in an ‘open conversation’ (as opposed, I guess, to a closed one) as part of the Bay Area Council’s annual conference.

Those who pay attention to these things have lately been noticing a shift in Schwarzenegger’s language: from a staunch anti-tax stance, to a more open rhetoric, one which includes the possibility of raising taxes to fund vital state services like, say, education and parks.

For any of you who may have somehow missed it, in January Schwarzenegger proposed across-the-board budget cuts of 10 percent to make up for a multi-billion dollar state budget shortfall. The cuts amount to a $4.5 million dollar loss for the Alameda Unified School District, which forced the school board to make painful cuts to things like sports, music and athletics.