Protest planned for Governor Schwarzenegger’s visit Wednesday morning

Every protest needs friendly, happy kids, no? Below is video of two startlingly cute first graders standing in a trash can during the Alameda Education Foundation’s Step Up and Donate/Public Education is too Valuable to Throw Away awareness campaign last month.

As you may or may not have heard—it’s hard to know, isn’t it? Just who’s heard what?—Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in “town” tomorrow (does the USS Hornet count as town?) meeting with business leaders from the Bay Area Council.

A number of groups including Keep Alameda Schools Excellent (the parcel tax group), the Alameda Education Foundation and the Alameda PTA Council are holding a rally outside the Hornet to draw attention to the sad state of public school funding in California.

Schwarzenegger is scheduled to speak at 10:30 a.m., but it’s anyone’s guess when he’ll actually arrive. Protest organizers are asking people to come as early as seven and stay as long as noon. I have heard, too, that the governor will be arriving by helicopter.

In any case, grab your optimism and a sign and come down to the Hornet and give a shout out for the institutions that keep people in our society happy, healthy and thriving. Maybe leave the cute kids in school? That’s up to you.