Charter schools in Oakland, charter schools in Alameda

The Education Report‘s Katy Murphy has a new post (with some interesting discussion) on the bill written by Assemblyman SandrĂ© Swanson to halt the creation of charter schools in Oakland. Assembly bill 2008 is relevant to Alameda because, as a district like Oakland with declining enrollment, our town is poised to face, on a lesser scale of course, some of the financial challenges brought by the creation of charters.


  • http://www.mikemcmahon.info Mike McMahon

    The big difference between Alameda and Oakland is that AUSD does not owe the State of California $75 million. As a result, I do not believe AUSD would benefit if this bill is enacted.

    AS the LAO office points out, declining enrollment districts face challenge of shrinking their infrastructure which may lead to unintended consequences of making charter schools attractive, keeping the declining enrollment on a downward death spiral.