Alameda “Save our Music” concert this Friday

This Friday, May 2, at 7 p.m. in Kofman Auditorium (in Alameda High) there will be a benefit concert to try to keep music in grades one, two and three in our district’s schools. The concert is brought to you by Bay Farm parent Lorri Garrett and a host of other hardworking volunteers in the Save our Music crew. You can buy tickets to the hip-happening event online here and also learn more about the class acts, including on- and off-island talent as well as many of our district’s bright-eyed third graders. If you can’t make the show, there’s also an online auction, with items including tickets to the San Francisco Opera, a $100 gift certificate to Scott’s Shoes and a drum head signed by Metallica.

Measure H
As always, there’s lots of door-to-door soliciting and phone calling to rally voters to pass Measure H, the parcel tax that will be on the June 3rd ballot. Measure H calls for a tax of $120 a year per parcel, that’s $10 dollars a month and something like 35 cents a day. For our schools. For the children. Thing of it is, of course, is the measure doesn’t just need a simple majority to pass—which would be a slam dunk—it needs two thirds of the voters. That means every person who votes no, requires two yesses to cancel out the nos. Learn more about Measure H here.


  • http://www.alameda.k12.ca.us/education/school/school.php?sectionid=6 Lorri Garrett

    Dearest Eve,

    I cannot take credit for this concert. Without dedicated people like our music teahcher Bonnie Duffey, Natasha Miller, Trish Spencer, Les Chan, Tom Lynch and Karen Wellman we would have a few kids singing on the street corner. I am thrilled at our line-up. Pleae come and see what Music Education can do for our children. We have the Alameda High School Jazz Band, Ian Merrifield from Encinal High School is performing with his band, Haiku Ambulance, and the Chipman Middle School’s Cadet Corps and Ensenemble. Not to mention the elementary students from all over the city. Stan Bunger from KCBS is our MC and will be performing with the Eyewitness Blues Band. Rumor has it that Bobby Sharp (Unchain My Heart and Doin’ The Impossible) will be there to sing as well. Please come and help us SAVE OUR MUSIC!

  • http://www.myspace.com/leschan Les Chan

    The Save Our Music concert was a truly a one of a kind community musical event. We had over 1200 people listening, watching, screaming, clapping, and enjoying the amazing talents of our talented kids and professional musicians. Without the volunteers and support of our Alameda Community and sponsors, this event would not have been successful. Lorri Garrett, Tom Lynch, Trish Spencer, Natasha Miller, Karen Wellman, Stan Bunger, Bonnie Duffey were key players in putting this together. Thanks everyone! The winners are really the kids! Thank you everyone!

    Save Our Music! Look for the concert highlights on Comcast and perhaps a concert DVD.

    We Rocked Alameda!