This Week’s Alamedan: Joseph Huang


Lived in Alameda: Since 7th grade
Age: 18
Originally from: San Francisco. Also lived in Oakland and San Leandro.
Family: Lives with mom, dad and younger brother
Current occupation: Senior at Alameda High
What’s next: San Jose State
Career goal: Find passion/leverage it to get rich

Why Alameda?
Alameda’s definitely a step up. It’s definitely got a lot less crime and it’s really safe.

Why San Jose State?
I chose it because it’s far from home but not too far and I want to just adapt and get out of my comfort zone and develop a sense of independence. It’s kind of like starting off on a clean slate but it’s not as clean as I hoped it to be. There’s a lot of people from Alameda High going.

Like best about Alameda?
I love how safe it is. It’s really safe. And I love how friendly people are here. I like the library. This is my domain. I try to hit the gym almost every day.

Like about Alameda High?
Just how diverse it is. There’s all races and everyone’s just down to earth. Ms. Gill is my favorite teacher. She teaches English but she’s the really nice and she’s always caring for the environment. She’s always trying to inform us and help out the world.

Would like to change about Alameda?
I’d like more stuff to do. Alameda is a good place for celebrities because there’s no one that ever goes here. It’s unknown—but unknown in a great way.

Word to the wise
I’m unique. I don’t want to be conceited but it’s who I am. I like to be myself and not follow trends. I like to set trends.


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