What makes that small-town feeling?

Hola! “Life on the Island,” the column I write for the print edition of the Alameda Journal is up online already. It’s about the little friendly things that I enjoy about living here. Enjoy.


  • Mike Schmitz

    What a great column Eve! You really captured what is so special about Alameda. It reminds all of us who are lucky enough to live here to take time to appreciate all those little friendly things. Thanks!

  • Vince

    Your article brought up something that happened to me this weekend, I sell real estate and during an open house this Sunday, two differnt groups came in and both and taken piano lessons from one of the past owner in the 50’s. Both parties still live here and just wanted to see how much the house has changed in 50 years, theres something about this small island.

  • Eve Pearlman

    Hi, Vince. Thanks for the story. I’ve noticed many people identify our house, where we’ve lived about three years now, by the name of the previous owners. There’s very often a nice connection to history here on the island.

  • Humera

    Hi Eve,
    I loved the article. I have always tried to put into words why I like living in Alameda, but you finally did it! Recently, when I was searching for a babysitter, so many neighbors, friends, parents offered to help. I was overwhelmed by the comeraderie that exists amongst alamedans.
    Stay cool during the heat wave….