Alameda network leads to chicken’s safe return

On Sunday morning a message, which had been posted to several neighborhood google/yahoo groups, appeared in my email inbox:

We lost one of our black silkie chickens near Santa Clara and Court. If you see a small black chicken roaming around please call us 301-xxxx (cell) We miss her. She is a pet, not dinner.


PS If you want to see what silkies look like check out this site.

Backyard chickens are becoming, it seems, an increasingly common Alameda phenomenon. Local writer Susan Davis described the trend for the March-April Alameda Magazine.

I didn’t go looking for the chicken, but I did wonder about its fate. Sunday night, around 10 pm, another message came through:

Our chicken is home! Thanks so much to everyone who read the email and spread the word. We are once again a happy family!


'mama' the chickenAccording to Meresa, an Alameda native who says her family also had backyard chickens when she was growing up the chicken, Mama, wandered off Saturday afternoon when Meresa’s husband was doing some yard work. When they went to put the chickens in their coop at dusk, they noticed noticed Mama’s absence. After scouring the neighborhood, they went to bed, hoping the chicken would return in the morning. When it did not, Meresa posted her notice. Late Sunday, around 10 pm, she got a a call to her cell. It was a neighbor who’d found the chicken in her yard. Chicken and family were reunited! “Turns out my chicken crossed the road and was hanging out in the backyard of our newest neighbor,” Meresa told me by email. “The neighbor had talked to a friend and mentioned the random chicken in her yard and luckily her friend had read my email….So Mama is back home and we will try to keep our side gate closed at all times!” In this case, it seems the chicken crossed the road simply because it could.


  • Susan Davis

    Aw shucks, I just love a good chicken story. I’m glad “Mama” got home safely and has been reunited with her flock. (Our own hens aren’t very brave when they’re separated from their girlfriends.)

    And thanks for the link to chicken article, Eve.

  • Tracy

    I grew up at 3000 Santa Clara in the 70s and we had a rooster! I recall that the City had an ordinance against roosters and we had to give him to friends in the “country” (which, in the 70s, was actually Alamo).

  • Bettina

    Awww :) Mama is safe at home for Mother’s Day!!!! :) This is good news, and such a pretty chicken!