Alameda Borders now open at South Shore/Towne Centre

Borders Store Media Tour

It was pretty much me, an Alameda Journal photographer, and Julia P. Tracey and another Sun reporter this morning at the ‘sneak peek’ tour of the new Borders. The store officially opened for business today at 1 pm.

I found the horde (four? five?) of PR folks very endearing, especially Tim Anderson (pictured above with puppets in the children’s section), who gave the tour.

It’s a nice store. It’s clean and bright and spacious. And, despite all their hyped-up focus on technological bells and whistles, it’s much like all the newer mega bookstores, with a cafe, easy-to-find book sections, appealingly-displayed wares and lots of cozy places to sit and relax.

And, yes, while I suspect our youth will make full use of the digital downloading, photo-album-making, book publishing stations, I’m most fond, I think, of the balcony on the east of the building, where you might just be able to sip a latte in peace. Main drawback I see? No free wireless (you gotta pay to play through T-Mobile). Though, Anderson says, some time in the future free wifi might just be ours.

You can find a list of the May 30 – June 1 grand opening weekend events (there’s about 20 of them, including visits from the likes of Strawberry Shortcake and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Jr.) online here.


  • Susan Davis

    My two children and I went to the new Borders yesterday. Thumbs up to lots of books; thumbs down to lots of toys. (That’s my thumbs down, of course; the children had no issues with the toys.)

    But what we found most novel? Most exciting? Borders has an escalator. And we are relatively sure–please correct us if we’re wrong here–this is the only store in Alameda that has a real, live escalator. So we rode up and down it several times just to savor how very modern (and how very, um, hilly) our town is becoming.

  • Eve

    Rumor is there’s an escalator in the new theatre, too. So Alameda’s suddenly gone from a no escalator town to two escalator town. Go Alameda!

  • Susan Davis

    Oopsie. While touring other Alameda-oriented blogs last night, I discovered that Stop, Drop & Roll had already discovered the novelty of the Border’s escalator. Sorry SD&R! Brilliant minds think alike? I’ll wave to you next time I see you over there…I’ll be the one with the two little kids giggling madly on the newfangled stair machine.