In Alameda: Measure H headquarters all abuzz

andyandchantalatkaseI was over at Measure H headquarters this morning making phone calls and learning about my volunteer assignment as a poll watcher.

Today, my husband and I will be helping out our precinct captain, Anne Cevallos. We’ll be noting ‘yes’ voters who’ve already cast their ballots and giving reminders to those who haven’t gone over to the polls yet.

And, please remember, on the Democratic ballot Measure H is all alone on the back! Tricky, no? Also, it’s only regular voters who the campaign was able to contact who make the poll watching list volunteers are working with. So, if you’re not a regular voter and/or the campaign somehow didn’t reach you, let this serve as your reminder: go vote.

Pictured above are Andy and Chantal Currid. I don’t actually know what Andy’s official title for the Measure H campaign is—does he have one?—but he’s done buckets and buckets of work over the past months for Measure H. And, if you’ve been involved at all, you know that he’s very often up into the wee hours sending emails about what’s been done and what needs to be done. Chantal is no slouch either, helping out in all sorts of ways, including recruiting for phone banking and providing behind-the-scenes technical support.

kaseprecinctchart Also pictured is part of the chart which volunteers will be updating throughout the day as precinct workers call in, reporting vote totals in their areas. Happy election day! And happy democracy! Be a part of it.


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