More on Alameda’s Measure H election returns

When the absentee votes appeared, some time around 9 p.m., it looked a little bleak: absentee ‘yes’ votes were at 61.88 percent. (Measure H needs, as you likely remember, two thirds of the vote to pass: 66.66 percent.) But now, at 11:40 pm, with 15 (of 51) precincts reporting the ‘yes’ percentage is up above 63 percent. WAIT! It just went up again: we’re now at 27 precincts and 64.74 percent ‘yes’ votes. You can always find the most updated Measure H results here.

Also check out Michele Ellson’s The Island for more details on election results, particularly the vote analysis comment posted by former city councilmember Tony Daysog.

[Ed. note 6:32 a.m: visit Mike McMahon‘s site for a chart of the votes and some info on the counting of the provisional ballots. And Michele Ellson’s got more at The Island, too. Don’t forget to visit Rob Siltanen at School 94501/94502, where he’s made a calculation about the number of votes H appears to have failed by.]

[Ed. note 6:56 a.m: Also go visit Lauren Do for a bit of macro perspective on the loss—y’know, why can we pass a constitutional amendment with a simple majority but we need two thirds to pass a small school tax?]


  • Susan Davis

    Ah. So nice to know that others are up at this hour (midnight), compulsively refreshing their acgov.org site.

    How to pass the time? First I opened the AUSD boundary map alongside the precinct results map and compared and contrasted until my eyes crossed. Then I surfed YouTube for silly hamster tricks. (People really do make videos of their hamsters doing silly tricks.)

    I try not to refresh more than once a minute, but after a long, hard campaign, it’s hard to let go of really, really wanting this measure to pass.