Alameda’s Measure H: It’s not over ’til it’s over

My research assistant—hat tip, JDS!—noticed that one of the Alameda precincts on the County Registrar of Voters map (you need to click on the precinct map link in the top right corner and zoom in), number 301400 over by Otis Elementary, was still light green (dark green means results in). So I called the registrar to find out what that means. The clerk there said, “They’re still unofficial votes, so they’re still going to be uploading. It’ll probably show something else by the end of the day. It could be the touch spring cartridge is not uploading.” It sounds like it isn’t yet clear if the regular votes (not provisional or absentee) from 301400 had been counted or not: whether it’s a problem with the map changing color or with the actual uploading of votes.* She also said there’s still a lot of work to do, that the results are far from set. “You’re not going to know the results for 28 days,” she told me. “We still have to check all the provisionals and absentees.” It’s too early, also, to get a count on the number of provisional ballots. The more the better, though, because the percentage of ‘yes’ votes from those who voted yesterday was running about 72 percent, according to Andy Currid of KASE. Whereas the absentee ballots that were sent in early (those first returns you saw last night) were running about 62 percent ‘yes.’ “It’s way to early to say we’ve lost,” said Currid. “But if that’s where it ends up we’re going to be starting the school year four million in the hole.” In conclusion? I think there’s still a little bit of hope out there.

*As of 11 a.m. today, the precinct has gone dark green with no change in vote totals.


  • Susan Davis

    As one of the captains for that precinct, I can just add that there were a few problems at that polling place yesterday. So I am not surprised the results are coming in a little late. I’d characterize the neighborhood as a moderately strong “yes” precinct, so perhaps those results will help us.

  • http://www.mikemcmahon.info Mike McMahon

    Yes there is a glimmer of hope as my website points out. In the 2006 election there were 5300 ballots counted after the Election Day results were published. If there are 1750 additional votes counted (assuming the 70.8 precinct YES pass rate) Measure H would pass the magical 66.67% threshold.

  • Jan Greene

    I was a poll worker yesterday at Edison School and saw quite a few people come in with their absentee ballots, many more than the last election I worked a few years ago. On the other hand, we handled only a handful of provisional ballots. All in all, I would guess there’s still a substantial number of uncounted votes at this point.

  • http://www.mikemcmahon.info Mike McMahon

    I had a math error in my spreadsheet we need closer to 3000 additional votes at 70.8% for Measure H to pass. The first batch of post election numbers could be released late Friday afternoon.

  • Kurt Norton

    If the assumption is correct about 1750 votes still to come, the percentage need for “yes” votes of the remaining votes is a bit higher. 73.20% need to vote yes in order to push the total, overall vote to 66.67%.

    This represents 812 more “yes” votes than “no” votes of the ones to count. One would hope these are not the retail owners who, logically, seem to be the nay sayers.

  • Bob Thompson

    Alameda schools are NOT excellent! They have many problems including several administrative resignations if you are in the know. Many of the schools allow outside of Alameda kids to come to school here who cause problems. many more falsify their addresses to get their kids out of rough schools and then come here and cause all sorts of problems. Administrators make over $100,000 typically and many teachers work the 3 months off in the summer to make even more. Do you people have any concept what so many people do to make even $40,000 a year? The younger teachers especillay often leave school right when the bell rings, come right when school starts, so not make anywhere near the effort that “old school” teachers used to make. This tax is a joke and a waste and hopefully it will not pass. the schools in fact will find a way to make up for this small amount in their increased budget anyway. the campaign of guilt and harraasment if you don’t think logically about the real issue has not worked. The bottom line is this is not a positive working solution to the problem as a whole, but rather another band aid that will do nothing.

  • Barbara M

    Mr. Thompson is clearly not acquainted with state and federal mandates, current salary scales nor has he seen how many of the teachers at my daughter’s school leave at 7pm instead of 3pm. I could spout out how much I disagree with the US Military system and their wild spending etc. Although I truly am not a fan of the USM I don’t usually publicly criticize what they do specifically because I don’t have any true facts, my thoughts are based on assumptions and my distain for our current president. Therefore until he starts coming to school board meetings, observing classrooms and giving valid honest positive suggestions I take his opinion for what it is worth.

  • Barbara M


    Only some retail store owners were against it. I am not one of them. In fact a few of them really trouble me with their logic. I am very for it in fact my husband spent countless hours working on it. Many store owners came to me to tell me how much they support it. Many people have asked me who the “anti H” store owners are. Some were willing to have their name posted in the paper so you can find them on your own. I will not out the others as I am trying to teach them to mend their ways. Times are not easy for small local businesses so some spoke out of fear of the economy and gas etc. So support your local shops and tell them you are an alameda parent (or school supporter) and you are trying to shop locally. Those comments stick and may make it a bit easier for some to give back.