Alameda’s Measure H….how many votes still to count?

I am hearing that the Alameda County Registrar will release the remaining vote totals on Friday [ed note: others are saying it could be as early as tomorrow]. What we’re talking about are provisional ballots—like people who moved and voted at a precinct that didn’t have their name on the list. Or those people who had absentee ballots and walked them into their polling places yesterday. Those election-day absentee ballots and provisional votes have not yet been counted. They are important because people are guesstimating (based on the way the vote looked yesterday, with already-counted election day totals running about 72 percent in favor of Measure H) how many more voters Measure H needs to pull up over that two-thirds threshold. (The absentee votes mailed in before election day had a lower percentage of ‘yes’ votes, about 62 percent.) Basically, the more votes the better—assuming that, like the other election day votes, the provisional and absentee votes hand delivered to the polling places on election day are running overwhelmingly in support of Measure H.

Here’s official comment from Ron Mooney from the Measure H campaign:

We are grateful to the thousands of Alamedans who voted yesterday. As of today, Measure H received more than 65% ‘yes’ votes. In most races, this would be a landslide. Unfortunately, a parcel tax election still requires a 2/3 majority to pass. While we hoped to exceed the requirement last night, as of today, ballots are still being counted. Yes on H remains optimistic that the final results will meet the 2/3 requirement. We extend our deep gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers who worked to save Alameda schools from the State budget crisis and continue to work to Keep Alameda Schools Excellent!


  • austin tam

    what can we do, if this doesnt pass, my suggestion is for all of us to go door to door, and ask for donations, $120.00, to save the programs, what do u think, everybody? let me know thank

  • Barbara M

    Right now the anti-H people are having their laugh…

    We may win this or not but keep one thing in mind. When you walk down the street 6 1/2 of all the people who pass you by thought that this was a good idea. Our cute little 1/2’s are getting bigger everyday and their minds are growing in some of the best schools in this country. Before your very eyes they are turning into 2/3’s and we will win.

  • austin tam

    hi barbara this is austin tam, i am hopeful for a miracle, but if this doesnt play out, i think we all need to mobilize strategize im willing to do whatever it takes, to save everything for the children’s future and every alamedans future, i was thinking about us gathering different realtors, business, sportschannel organizations who endorsed Measure H, and to try and fundraise, what do u think? i am pumped up mobilized, ready to go

  • Barbara M

    You can go to alamedaschools.org and send an Email to Andy. We certainly won’t we throwing the volunteer list away and adding another will only make us stronger. You can also call Ron at 769-9961

  • austin tam

    hi barbara, u have any suggestions what we can do? im willing to do whatever it takes, even we as could send out letters to our friends, groups, organizations, for help, does andy e mail pretty frequent? do u think it would be a good idea what i just listed above about contacting sportsradiostation, realties, organizations that have supported measure H?

  • Kurt Norton


    First off, let me say, I’m a proponent of Prop H, but, unfortunately, while door-to-door would help, it’s the $9,500 from businesses that is really the key here. Perhaps if we could lower/eliminate the amount the Retail sector is on the hook for, perhaps an emergency proposal would fly by.


  • austin tam

    hi kurt, thanks for responding, would you be interested in helping rally businesses to support, and give us the $9,500 each, if it doesnt pass? please let me know, thanks

  • Barbara M

    Austin & Kurt,

    It isn’t $9500 on all businesses. That only affects places like town center (for the whole center) etc. The building my business is in is on park street right next to Tucker’s. The total for the whole building (4 different spaces) would be $600 per year. I told my landlady (since unfortunately I don’t own it) that I would happily pay the tax for my unit as I reap the benefits of having those nice families with children come visit me everyday. So yes businesses were asked to kick in more than before but it wasn’t a full $9500 and it is less than most of the surrounding cities are asked to pay. Measure H formula is 15 cents per square foot of land, Berkeley is 34 cent per square, Oakland is not as high as ours but it is permanent.

    To answer your original question, yes we sure do need help fundraising and make plans and we would love your help. Really the best thing to do is contact Brooke at AEF and Andy at KASE. If you need phone #s or emails you can contact me at daisys@alamedanet.net or our blog gal Eve as she has put in a tons of her hours on both groups and she can give you the same info.

  • Bob Thompson

    Obviously the moderator of this board is completely one sided. All of the money raised for signs, stickers, mail, phone calls and everything else for this giant lie is thankfully over either way. If H is defeated as it should be then the schools, which are NOT excellent can figure out a way to get the bad teachers, overpaid administrators and other people in the system who for once have to do without something to figure out what to do. NO schools are closing, only and there is NO CRISIS! i watched a year ago when an elementary school took months over a summer to put in a new HVAC system. the foreman personally told me he used many more qorkers and took much longer than needed because he got the district to pay far more than any other business or individual would ever pay for a similar job! Waste is in the schools, so quit your moaning. Do you know what people do for even $40000 a year? And teachers who have been around make more for only 9 months and work summers somewhere esle in many cases. The only reason the vote was 66% yes is because of the ridiculous amount of lies told to people about H.

  • joel

    The Alameda school district has been wasting money for years,I recall that principal from Colorado tranfered to Paden’s School,once in California kept complaining about high cost only to leave the district for Japan one of the most expensive place to leave in the world,I remenber that District superintand who said the departing of the US Navy will have little effect on the district shortly there after we were stuck with a $150 tax bill,that bright superintendant then took over the oakland school district only to be kick out by the State for chronic waste among other.And everyone in the City’s school is aware where the money is being wasted,Sadly not on the Teachers.Education is a matter of national security idiots make irrational decision.No Child left behind is a farce, the entire country’s education is left behind which will only further send the USA into dependence from what was consdered third world Countries acting on the current system there is only one industry without recession , to the contrary “the jail system” It’s growth the fastest growing and largest among industrial nations can only be attributed to education, and there lays the national security argument.

  • austin tam

    i heard on the island website, that election workers counted looked to be a thousand ballots, do u have hope we can win this thing?>

  • Eve

    From the moderator: comments that resort to name calling and foul language will be deleted. There are plenty of real challenges to education, and plenty of room for disagreement, but you must be civil.

  • Susan Davis

    Thanks for the call for civility, Eve. Once the name calling and swearing begins, I lose interest in (and respect for) people’s arguments.