More Alameda Measure H votes counted today, more tomorrow

At 5:40 p.m. this afternoon the Alameda County Registrar posted additional votes on Measure H. The ‘yes’ total is now 10,225, for 66.37 percent of the vote. It’s creeping up!

Today’s results include about three-quarters of the absentee ballots that people walked into the polls on election day. Tomorrow, says County Registrar Spokesperson Guy Ashley, we should see a count that includes all the absentee ballots. And some time next week, a smaller number of provisional ballots, which have to be individually verified, will be posted. “We have more than half of our voters voting absentee now,” said Ashley. “Eight years ago it was under 10 percent. It’s really changed the way elections are counted.”

Lots of people have been running numbers, trying to guess just how this election will finally turn out. The general concept is that the more outstanding votes there are the better chance H has of passing. Problem is, of course, no one knows how many of the remaining county votes are from the City of Alameda. And, though we can make educated guesses, no one knows just what percentage of those votes are ‘yes.’ For some more details and analysis, go visit Rob Siltanen over at School 94501/94502.

[Ed. note: More details, too, over at Michele Ellson’s The Island. And, also, for your further edification, the East Bay Express has a bit on Alameda’s parcel tax vote.]


  • Leslie D.

    Wow, what a scoop!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date

  • Barbara M

    I am off to my meeting at Chipman School. Eve you are a goddess for the quick info. You informed me before Mr.M…thanks again a smile has been hard to come by.

  • Alan Bell

    AUSD needs to be accountable for their funds before we give them more to spend. I voted NO ON H.