Alameda’s Measure H: Here’s something for all you nail biters out there…

It looks like we’ll have some more votes counted this afternoon, but not all. Here’s a statement just in from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Spokesman Guy Ashley:

Our staff is counting vote-by-mail ballots as we speak. We expect to get through the remainder of these ballots today. We will update the results this afternoon, as soon as we can. The provisional ballots are still being processed. That process will NOT be completed today and most likely will stretch into mid-week next week. How many of those ballots are from Alameda or any other area of Alameda County is impossible to say.

So today we will likely have a count of all the ballots people handed in at their polling places on Tuesday (what Ashley’s calling “vote-by mail,” what others have been calling absentee). And then the counting of the provisional votes, about 6,500 of them county-wide, will continue next week.


  • http://www.mikemcmahon.info Mike McMahon

    Numbers release at 3:57pm. Measure H moved to 66.65%.