New Alameda Measure H results just in! It’s squeaky close.

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has just updated their site with another batch of votes. There are now 10,905 ‘yes’ votes for Alameda’s Measure H school parcel tax—that’s 66.65 percent. While it’s not quite up to the 66.67 percent it needs to pass, the vote is really, really, really close. And, according to Alameda County Registrar spokesperson Guy Ashley, there’s still more provisional votes left to tally. Look for those counts next week. For more details go check out Michele Ellson over at The Island. And Mike McMahon has a chart and some further info as well.


  • Tom Lynch


    Can’t wait till they count the provisional votes. I know my vote and another person’s provisional vote were yes! Since we were seven votes short, we are now only 5 votes short!

    (fyi. We had to vote provisional cause we went to the polling location and did not have our ‘vote-by-mail’ ballot. They took are vote provisional. I bet a lot of other people were in the same boat!)

    Keep the faith.