Alameda’s Measure H…When? When? When?

Hello! So, it sounds like there will be more Measure H votes counted by this afternoon…but only the remaining absentee ballots (I’ve heard that there are between a few dozen and a hundred of these for the whole county.) “I always say it’ll be three or four in the afternoon,” said Alameda County Registrar of Voters Spokesman Guy Ashley. “But then it’s four or five…so some time around then.”

We’ll have to keep waiting, says Ashley, for county workers to verify and tally the remaining provisional ballots (there are an estimated 6,500 of these county-wide). “With every provisional ballot, we have to check a number of things,” says Ashley. “If someone shows up at the polling the place and there’s some reason to say, ‘Hmm, I shouldn’t give you a regular ballot, you’re at the wrong polling place, you’re not on a roster,’ we give them a provisional ballot. And that let’s us go back and research whether they’re able to vote.” As provisional ballots are verified throughout the week, says Ashley, they will be posted on Alameda’s new favorite web site: the Measure H page at the Alameda County Registrar’s office.