The Island connection: “Barack Obama-sistible”

The news making the Alameda email rounds is that Clifford Lane, a Brooklyn resident and the husband of Alameda High School graduate Megan Fenstermaker (’88), will be appearing on Conan O’Brian tonight. He’ll be performing, with his band Detroit Octane, their song, “Barack Obama-sistible.” (The song was also featured on a CNN newscast in April.) According to Island resident Amy Fenstermaker (Clifford’s sister-in-law) we can catch the performance at 12 or 12:30 a.m. Or you can watch the song below (Clifford is the bass player).


  • Barbara M

    OK, if you are a teen of the 80’s, that was totally fun. Why aren’t they in skinny black ties and where are the over-made-up girls? Maybe tonight they will add all the touches, I will watch. Eve, thanks so much for keeping us hip to it all…