• Tracey

    Warning: swimmer’s itch is still lurking in the water at Crab Cove. On another bay water front, I
    took a group of kids to Crab Cove last Thursday during low tide since
    I saw no posting about the dreaded “swimmer’s itch” of last year.
    The next day, my legs were covered in extremely itchy mosquito-looking
    bumps that are finally beginning to clear up today.

    I searched the web for who monitors and posts warnings about beach
    water and emailed the incident to the AC gov web site. I see today
    they are now posting a warning about the problem, at least on their
    web site. The warning system about the water quality leaves something
    to be desired.

    Apparently it’s worst at low tide and not harmful, just annoying.

    It’s sad to see the bay’s water quality compromised by invasive
    species and recent oil spills, amongst other contaminates, I’m sure.
    Here’s ways we can all help.