Alameda’s Measure H: Now with two-thirds of vote

To repeat, the vote count now puts Measure H, the school parcel tax, well into passing territory—by 105 votes. Superblogger Lauren Do has a roundup of the latest news coverage over at Blogging Bayport. And I am looking forward to walking over to the school yard and smiling and high-fiving with some of the the parents who worked so hard to pass this tax. Because four million dollars a year for four years will, no matter what the naysayers say (and say it they do), make a big difference for the students of our district as well as for our town as a whole.


Alameda’s Measure H … we’re over two-thirds

As of a few moments ago, for the first time, Alameda’s Measure H, the school parcel tax, officially has more than the two-thirds of the vote. Go check it out! There are now 11,397 ‘yes’ votes—for 66.87 percent. I am waiting for word about how many—if any—more provisional ballots there are left to count. But, right now, it looks like Measure H has passed by 105 votes!

WAIT: This just in at 4:20 p.m. from Alameda County Registrar of Voters Spokesman Guy Ashley:

Results for the June 3 primary election in Alameda County were updated this afternoon and are on the website of the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. Dave Macdonald, Alameda County Registrar of Voters, says a small number of ballots from Alameda County still need to be counted. In regards to Measure H, the Alameda schools parcel tax, Macdonald said: “We don’t believe many, if any, of the remaining ballots are from the City of Alameda.” Macdonald emphasized that the results are still unofficial, and will remain so until he certifies the election results. He said that will likely occur on or about June 27.


Alameda’s Measure H…no new votes released today

So it sounds like there’ll be no release of votes today for Measure H, Alameda’s school parcel tax. This just in from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters‘ Spokesperson Guy Ashley:

There will be no update today of results for the June 3 election. Folks spent the day processing provisional ballots. Some work remains remaking damaged ballots as well… We most likely will update our results again on Wednesday.

So the vote stands at very, very close—the ‘yes’ votes have 66.66 percent. Stay tuned.


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Just in! Measure H vote even closer…

Well, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters has released another round of votes…which brings the Measure H tally to 11,001 ‘yes’ votes—for 66.66 percent. Measure H is getting ever-closer to passing! Tomorrow, according to spokesman Guy Ashley, county employees will be working on verifying and tallying the provisional votes…expect results to trickle in throughout the week.


Alameda’s Measure H…When? When? When?

Hello! So, it sounds like there will be more Measure H votes counted by this afternoon…but only the remaining absentee ballots (I’ve heard that there are between a few dozen and a hundred of these for the whole county.) “I always say it’ll be three or four in the afternoon,” said Alameda County Registrar of Voters Spokesman Guy Ashley. “But then it’s four or five…so some time around then.”

We’ll have to keep waiting, says Ashley, for county workers to verify and tally the remaining provisional ballots (there are an estimated 6,500 of these county-wide). “With every provisional ballot, we have to check a number of things,” says Ashley. “If someone shows up at the polling the place and there’s some reason to say, ‘Hmm, I shouldn’t give you a regular ballot, you’re at the wrong polling place, you’re not on a roster,’ we give them a provisional ballot. And that let’s us go back and research whether they’re able to vote.” As provisional ballots are verified throughout the week, says Ashley, they will be posted on Alameda’s new favorite web site: the Measure H page at the Alameda County Registrar’s office.


Alameda’s Measure H…more news coverage

Okay, so KRON 4 doesn’t quite have all the details right (Measure H is not a ‘sports bond,’ for example). But our little parcel tax is getting network air time. And that’s kinda nice.

[Below you should see a YouTube-style insert of the video of the KRON story…but I have heard a report (thanks, HLA) that it’s not working with some browsers. So if the video’s not below, try this link….and, because the video may be messing with my formating, you may have to scroll down to find the rest of the blog.]

There’s also a CBS story up tonight, too.


New Alameda Measure H results just in! It’s squeaky close.

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has just updated their site with another batch of votes. There are now 10,905 ‘yes’ votes for Alameda’s Measure H school parcel tax—that’s 66.65 percent. While it’s not quite up to the 66.67 percent it needs to pass, the vote is really, really, really close. And, according to Alameda County Registrar spokesperson Guy Ashley, there’s still more provisional votes left to tally. Look for those counts next week. For more details go check out Michele Ellson over at The Island. And Mike McMahon has a chart and some further info as well.


Alameda’s Measure H: Here’s something for all you nail biters out there…

It looks like we’ll have some more votes counted this afternoon, but not all. Here’s a statement just in from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Spokesman Guy Ashley:

Our staff is counting vote-by-mail ballots as we speak. We expect to get through the remainder of these ballots today. We will update the results this afternoon, as soon as we can. The provisional ballots are still being processed. That process will NOT be completed today and most likely will stretch into mid-week next week. How many of those ballots are from Alameda or any other area of Alameda County is impossible to say.

So today we will likely have a count of all the ballots people handed in at their polling places on Tuesday (what Ashley’s calling “vote-by mail,” what others have been calling absentee). And then the counting of the provisional votes, about 6,500 of them county-wide, will continue next week.