Same-sex marriages to be performed in Alameda City Hall

After reading Mark Posner’s letter to the editor in the Alameda Journal (scroll down, it’s the second one), I was glad to see today’s story in the San Francisco Business Times indicating that Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson, as well as the rest of the city council, Vice Mayor Lena Tam, Doug deHaan, Marie Gilmore and Frank Matarrese, have been deputized to perform same sex marriages at City Hall. According to the Business Times, marriages will cost $50 and the marriage license will be issued by Alameda County. City Manager Debra Kurita and executive assistant Christina Baines have also been authorized to perform the ceremonies. “It’s a great thing to be part of,” Deputy City Manager Lisa Goldman told the Business Times.


  • Sue T.

    My husband is a volunteer deputy marriage commissioner at the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder’s Office and has been performing same sex marriages there. Any couple that wants to get married by an Alamedan (though not on the Island itself) can visit the Clerk-Recorder’s Office on Friday mornings.

  • Sarah G.

    My partner and I will be married by the Mayor this week at City Hall. We are thrilled that we now have the opportunity to be married on the island!