Alameda’s school sports funding woes in Sports Illustrated

Sometimes I get to thinking that it’s only California, with its huge public school population and its wacky system for taxing property (that’s Prop. 13) and its unequal funding formulas that’s kept schools struggling to operate. But this article in Sports Illustrated—which mentions Alameda’s plight several times—highlights how school sports programs across the country are facing cuts.


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    I especially liked one quote: This is an exercise designed to whip the parents into a frenzy,” former mayor Raymond Wiezorek told the paper. “It wouldn’t occur to them to ever take a good look to see if there’s another way to do things that might cost a little less. … [Government] never makes the adjustments that a private business has to make to survive. In government, how do I survive? I send people a larger tax bill. I don’t ever have to worry about changing anything.”

    I have seen this at all levels of governmetn, and feel Alameda School District played this very well, and the parents bought it, and we get to pay for it.