More details on Alameda hit-and-run fatality

The 36-year-old driver of the Jeep accused of killing a pedestrian on the path along Alameda’s Shoreline Drive earlier this month now says he does remember the incident. Peter Hegarty of the Alameda Journal has more details on Dionisio Roxas Molina Jr.’s story, and, too, the charges filed against him. George Marceline, who was out for a morning walk on the path when he was run over, was well-known around the Bay, especially as an Oakland Raiders fan.


  • Gabriela Tautalatasi

    I have lived in Alameda all my life and grew up with Molina. My brother and I played with him all the time. I know he did what he did, but I just can`t believe he killed this man in a right state of mind. As a child and young man he was a very good person, he was the peace maker of the kids on the block. This whole thing makes me sick to think about. It just does not sound like something he would do.

  • Jonathan

    I just found out about this and am still in shock, because Dun has always been a fun, loving and hard working person. He values his friendship with many and I know that many would have all bu positive things to say about his overall character, it racks my thoughts just trying to make sense of all this and saddens me because of the news footage that I reading it all inconclusive as far as the investigation. My prayers are that Dun will help reveal the key answers to his actions on that day which hopefully can lessen the judical decision on his fate. My family’s prayers are with him and all those affected and involved with this matter.