Life on the Island: Leaf blowers, no!

This week’s Life on the Island column is about the noise and particle pollution of leaf blowers. Read it in whole (or, in part, if you prefer) here. [Ed. note: The Alameda Journal blog is officially on vacation until August 20, but you can find the online Alameda Journal here—or read what other bloggers are saying at Alamedans.]

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  • Susan Davis

    Thanks for the great column on leaf blowers, Eve. I agree completely with what you wrote. Leaf blowers create high levels of air and noise pollution; they contribute to global warming; they’re not efficient; and they’re unhealthy for the people who use them.

    With rates of obesity and asthma rising — and with concerns about global warming mounting — wouldn’t it be better to use tools that are quiet, provide some exercise, don’t pollute, and actually do the job right?

  • Bonnie Barberini

    Thank you for your article on leaf blowers. I do not understand why our noise ordinances are not enforced.

    The other part of this issue is I have never seen anyone with a leaf blower actually pick up the leaves. The leaves end up in the gutter and I guess the City street sweepers are suppose to pick up the leaves.

    I agree with you — bring back the rake!