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A legal challenge to Measure H?

By epearlman
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 10:15 am in Parcel tax, Prop. 13, Schools.

Hello. So the buzz out there, both in reality and in blogland, is that this group, Alamedans for Fair Taxation, has raised some money to challenge Measure H, the school parcel tax that passed with over two thirds of the vote (parcel taxes in California don’t just require a simple majority, they require two of every three peoples’ support). I left messages before I went on vacation over Alamedan’s for Fair Taxation’s main office number, and I left another today. I’m looking forward to finding out who is in this group, how much they’ve raised, and by what legal standard they hope to challenge Measure H. Stay tuned.

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  • Jeff R. Thomason

    How do I contribute to the challenge?