Measure H suit. Who is behind it?

It’s looking ever-more-likely that a suit will be filed against Measure H, the school parcel tax that passed in June in a community effort to preserve for Alameda children the level of service they’re currently getting from our district schools.

The word is that this group—please return my phone calls, Alamedans for Fair Taxation!—has raised $100,000 for legal fees, hiring David Brillant, of Randick O’Dea & Tooliatos to represent them. What boggles, is that aside from the owners of Pillow Park Plaza and Pauline’s Antiques, no one has stepped up to acknowledge their financial and philosophical commitment to this lawsuit. Where are the letters to the editor? The public statements of opposition to Measure H? I’m all for stepping up and fighting for what you believe, for making a case, taking a stand. But I say publicize your names, explain your thinking, be quoted in the paper, put your name on the project, put signs in your windows, “No to Measure H!” All of you.


  • Les Cabral

    All you need to do is read the law suite that has been filed,it will tell you who is behind it. If that not enough talk to the David Brillant

  • Catie Hembrow

    Well, now I know where we won’t be buying our new couch from! I hate to take my money off the island, but I can’t buy from Pillow Park if they are behind this lawsuit.

    I feel those that are against education for our kids are missing the point that the children of today are the police, nurses, doctors, and politicians of the future. As a society we can educate the kids or get ready to suffer the consequences of a poorly prepared workforce once we retire.


  • Leslie D.

    That $100,000 they raised to fight the parcel tax sure could buy a lot of school supplies.

  • Gwen Ball

    This issue comes down to money: schools need it, businesses need it, and consumers decide where to spend it. I say, Let’s support businesses that support our schools; boycott businesses that don’t.

    Businesses: place signs in your windows letting us know you support our schools and we will support you.

    Alamedans: let’s uncover which businesses are involved in anti-Measure H lawsuits. Let’s publicize those businesses far and wide so Alamedans can choose whether to frequent businesses that are actively working against our schools.

    Let’s combine forces and spread our knowledge, so everyone can know where businesses stand in this town.

  • MJ

    Cowards — and I can understand why, turning their backs on the community that supports them.