Looking to November: Alameda council candidates

Over at Alamedans you can read up on the four candidates for Alameda’s City Council—Tracy Jensen, Justin Harrison, Marie Gilmore and Doug deHaan. Tracy Jensen and Justin Harrison have their own campaign web sites, while the two incumbents, Doug deHaan and Marie Gilmore don’t seem to (if I’ve somehow missed their sites, please let me know). Alameda’s League of Women Voters is sponsoring two forums where you can meet the council candidates. The first will be on Thursday, October 9, at 6:45 p.m. at Cardinal Point and the second on Thursday, October 30 at the Mastick Senior Center. And I would, of course, urge each and every one of you to attend one of those forums and put a face and voice and person to the name. All the better to make a solid choice in the voting booth.


  • http://www.mikemcmahon.info Mike McMahon

    Alameda Democratic Club is doing their endorsement meeting for City Council on Monday September 15 (special night due to scheduling conflicts). Meeting details at here:


  • http://www.smartvoter.org J.A. Boyer


    The League of Women Voters of California maintains smartvoter.org All candidates will receive requests to post information about their candidacy at this site. All candidates appearing on the ballot and all state-wide and regional/county/local propositions appear on the site as well. It is truly “one stop education” for voters.

    Those candidates not posting their own websites will typically post informative pieces at http://www.smartvoter.org.

    Alameda LWV Voter Service Committee

  • john

    After voting for Osh the company that will raid Alameda economy for the welfare of one single developer maybe it is time to recall the entire City Counsel and Mayor.