Alameda OSH looking more likely

I was over at Pagano’s this morning (did you know they now carry Benjamin Moore paint?) and talking to Pat, who is always helpful, and who was mixing up a white for my basement ceiling. We were talking about the Orchard Supply Hardware that it looks like we may soon have in South Shore/Alameda Towne Centre (the City Council voted last night, 4-1, to deny an appeal that sought to keep them out.) I am a local business loyalist and, even before I gave up my car, I made every effort to shop locally. But with local shopping, comes a need for more local options. Do you know that most retail dollars spent by Alamedans are spent off-island? Do you know that sales tax dollars are an essential line item in the city’s budget? In any case, I of course don’t want Pat to lose her job, or business at Pagano’s to drop, or Encinal Hardare to suffer—and I will continue to frequent those stores because, let’s face it, the service is great. But if we’re going to boost coffers we need to get more folks shopping in-town, and more options are not a bad thing.


  • http://alamedajournal.com Lon

    I agree. Encinal hardware will still be my first stop for the service and convenience, but my wife and I shop the Orchard Supply in San Lorenzo for items we can’t find here, using gas and taking our tax money off the island (such as this last Sunday).

    Having Nob Hill and Trader Joes has kept more of my shopping on the island. Not that I have an issue with our multiple Safeway’s, but choice is good.

  • Alan Bell

    I am very happy to see OSH coming to town. Alameda shoppers need options, thats why people shop away from Alameda. OSH will force Paganos and the Encinal Nursery to bring their prices down. I only shop at Paganos when I have to. Their prices and nightmare salesfloor is a turn off. Welcome OSH, and their professional retail operation.

  • old guy

    I am thrilled Osh is coming to Alameda.I hate Pagano’s.You Can never find anyone to help you and the store is so stuffed and the isles so small you cant even walk!!Osh will force them to bring their prices down too!!!The island needs the tax revenue too!!!