Hey, Alameda, maybe the state budget crisis is our fault

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will veto the budget compromise worked out over the weekend by California’s legislators. And it sounds like the lawmakers are poised try to override his veto. What a mess! Mercury News columnist Patty Fisher has a piece today, Who’s really to blame for the budget mess? Who do you think she points the finger at? Dems? Repubs? Gov. Schwarzenegger? Nope. She says it’s you and me, citizens of this democracy. The ones who voted for term limits, Prop. 13, the law that requires a budget to be passed by two-thirds of legislators…the ones to passed all kinds of propositions requiring spending on this and that, but without setting up the funding to support them. It’s you and me, baby.


  • http://www.alameda.ca.lwvnet.org Kate Quick

    If you want to be sure you understand what you are voting for, come to one of our three general public meetings in October, where the pros and cons of the ballot measures will be discussed in a neutral, factual manner. You can find the dates, times and places on our League of Women Voters web site at http://www.alameda.ca.lwvnet.org We’ll be having four public candidate’s forums as well and the information about them is posted there as well.
    Also, our voter education web site http://www.smartvoter.org is a rich source of information about issues and candidates – all presented as information, not advocacy. If you are tired and confused by the 30 second commercials, these are resources for you to cast an intelligent vote.

  • john

    the state budget is entirely our fault, the way to resolve it is simple,
    1: Any lawmaker who has missed 20% of the session is disqualified from voting “Military Civil Duty Medical does not apply
    2: No law maker shall be allowed to attend any lobbyst event the month preceeding and during budget talk.
    3: lawmaker shall recieve no compensation during deadlock talks
    4: for every day overdue all law makers shall loose 1 week pay to include all expenses after one week their compensation is forfeited and use of any public vehicle as well as staff is prohibited.
    You either work for yourself or the Citizens and Residents , you have choosen public office you must serve or leave.