ACI mixing recycling and compost?

Dan Wood from A Progressive Alamedan has a post up today about seeing Alameda County Industries employees mixing trash (grey bin contents) with recycling (blue bin contents) with compost (green bin contents). I have heard other reports of this “unsorting” over the years as well. (Eye on Blogs made note of Wood’s post, too, asking if others have see the same mixing of bin contents.)


  • Mark Irons

    Actually I live on the next block from Dan and several months ago I saw the green bin contents being thrown into the general trash bin after they appeared to have been missed by a hurried driver. I saw this a couple weeks running. It seemed to be one driver working with another to cover missed bins on a hurried pass. I had thought to call out to these guys if I had a chance because I’d prefer to ask them what’s going on before going over their heads, but I just forgot about it.

  • Gman

    Bad ACI, but what about the bad customers? 6 years in, lets get the word out to the Alamedans about cart placement…Put the cans 3 feet apart, don’t place them behind cars if you have room in the mow strip or street a few short feet away. What about the overflowing cans with untied bags on top? Heh, What about the city purposely changing all of the street sweeping days away from collection days? Those are just a few examples of what the drivers deal with everyday. As far as the street sweeping? Ive seen cars back out off of Walnut onto Santa Clara, narrowly missing a bus or a high school girl listening to her ipod. Its a disaster waiting to happen. Sure you can point out what the drivers do, and I admit it wasn’t right, but look at what the drivers have to deal with on a daily basis. You guys should ask for a ride along sometime. One last note on commingling….I appreciate what you do, but remember there are sorters, especially because of the apartments…..Some apartments here are so unmanaged (can you belive that…. Here in Alameda) fill the green and blue cans full of garbage… It really is sad. Just my .02