Alameda votes, Measure P and more

Lauren Do over at Blogging Bayport has a comprehensive local election page where you can find out more info about the candidates/ballot issues and, too, see who has endorsed whom/what.

People keep asking me about Measure P, the item on the city ballot that would raise Alameda’s property transfer tax. I will be voting for it, mostly because the more I learn about the city budget (not to mention the state’s and the nation’s) the more it becomes clear that, in order to keep things running semi-smoothly, we need to raise more funds. Michele Ellson over at the Island is supporting P, as is Lauren Do, and, too, John Knox White.


  • Lillian

    CA is one of the richest states in the US, yet we always seem to have some sort of budget crisis.

    Alameda itself is an island, how many houses are you going to sell in a year that would make up a huge budget deficit? To me it seems ridiculous to try and increase the tax on transfer taxes to housing, when real estate market is the way it is.

    I’m not saying I’m adverse to paying more for the essential services like Firemen and Policemen, but why not just get it over with and tax the entire city instead with an increase.

    We already pay 120 for a school tax (was it measure H last year???), we should just agree to pay another $100 to fund the fire and police depts only.

  • Marshall Cromer

    The City of Alameda is paying themselves $26M in benefits. They only want our money and nothing else. When are you people going to wake up that the only reason that they want an increase is to line there pockets with higher wages and benefits. It is out of control and the government employees need to be stopped.