Returning Marines welcomed at Alameda BBQ

About 100 U.S. Marines, returning from Iraq, were welcomed by friends and family at a Barbeque in Alameda Sunday.

Dominik Svensson of San Jose was among the returning Marines, and he spoke evenly and with an almost subdued tone.

“We didn’t lose anybody, and we all made it back in one piece,” he said, and then nodded his head down as he hugged his daughter Noelle.

“But I’m just glad to see her, and see how much she’s grown while I was gone,” he said. “She’s much taller.”

The whole story is here.


  • Jeff R. Thomason

    Welcome home Marines … thanks for kicking butt and taking names over there!!!

    On a side note … I have to say that I am a tad surprised that Eve wasn’t out protesting or picketing at the BBQ.

  • Eve

    I am confused, “Jeff R”—who are you really?–why would I protest such an event?