• Diana Fong-Wedgwood

    Just checked their website, Thur., 6:25 pm, and Alameda is still on their picket list.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Way too play the anti/pro-game, Eve. You take a script right from the Hearst’s Spanish-American War. Then, your company wonders why subcriptions are way down and faced with extinction in a few years, even though we are in a bastion of liberal thought. Whatever happened to unbiased media coverage?

  • Proud Life-Long Alamedian

    Protesting at Barack Obama’s grandmother’s funeral?

    Do these people have no decency?

    To whomever voted for Proposition 8 and is reading this article. Ask yourself (and your mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, please), would you support the ideals of an organization that would stage a political protest at your grandmother’s funeral? If not, please reconsider your stand on this issue, and come help the rest of us temper the well-intentioned, but woefully misguided people who are attempting to make discrimination legal.

    Please. Is your family so strong that it can withstand ANYTHING except sitting idle while your neighbor is discriminated against? Would you band together with your neighbors if the KKK showed up outside their door with a burning cross? Would you give up your seat at the front of the bus for an elderly woman who was told she had to sit at the rear by the bus driver? Would you teach your children to stand up for what is right and not to discriminate? Would you stand up for your neighbor if they were labelled with a special armband and told they had to board a train to go “live” somewhere else? If you answered ” NO” to any of these questions, I have only one more: who will stand up when they come for you?

    Together we can unify our broken country that we all love. We are all in this together. Thank you for listening.

    -Alamedain for true grit family values

    If you love this country, please consider watching this inspirational video:

  • Catie Hembrow

    For anyone who is interested there will still be a gathering at Alameda high tonight (6pm)to support the students and put out the message that Alameda is a community of love and respect, not hatred.

    Hopefully we will also sell out the production to support the arts at AHS!

  • Jodie Campbell

    I was thrilled that so many people answered my call for support tonight at Alameda High School. Since I first began organizing this support last Monday I had no idea what would happen or who would show up. I was so awed and impressed by the number of people who answered the call for support and showed alameda some love!
    My partner and I did head inside by 7:30pm tonight in order to watch the play and I would like to encourage you to call the High School and ask them to extend the plan past Nov 15th.

    I have a very clear memory of 1998 and recall the impact Matthews death had around the country and around the world and I have to say that this the Drama Dept at Alameda High School really did the story justice.
    If you can see it please do. And thank you again for your support for our little island town in the East Bay!

    Thank all of you!