Alameda election returns at 11:19 pm

As you could not possibly not know, Obama has won the national contest. Locally, with absentee voters and 25 of 52 precincts tallied, Measure P is failing (but close): there are 8,607 no votes (50.71 percent) and 8,365 yeses (49.29 percent). In the school board contest, newcomers appear to be ousting the incumbents, with Niel Tam the top vote getter with 9,492 votes. Trish Spencer is currently in second place with 7,019, trailed by Ron Mooney with 6,792 votes, Janet Gibson with 6,616 and David Forbes with 6,043. In the contest for city council, incumbents Doug Dehaan (8297 votes) and Marie Gilmore (7,983) are in the lead. Challengers Tracy Jensen and Justin Harrison are trailing. More election data here, of course.


Sunny day: Alameda voting underway

The parent news organization of this blog, the Bay Area News Group, has posted this mid-morning election day round up: Smooth Sailing as voting beings in Bay Area despite vandals in Santa Cruz, malfunction in Antioch. The Bay Area News Group is asking for your thoughts on this election: What was your experience of voting? What do you think this election means? And, for good measure, look for returns from all contests later in the day here. Also check out News Group politics blogger Josh Richman here. [Edited 2:30 pm: Here’s an account of today’s voting in Alameda County.]


The big election day has finally arrived!

Just as they’ve been across the country, voting lines were long this morning at Alameda’s Edison Elementary. [Left: Anna Martin walked over to the polls with daughter Esther. Right: Evan Ackiron with daughter Samantha waiting in line to vote. ] evan voting
mom and daughter votingI’ll have more on the election as the day goes on. If you’re still waffling, I recommend a big no on Prop. 8, which would deny same-sex couples the equal rights that have already been granted them by the California Supreme Court. For school board, I cast my votes for Ron Mooney, David Forbes, and Niel Tam. And here’s some info about the city’s Measure P.


Alameda Journal letters to the editor

With the switch to once-weekly, there wasn’t enough room in last Friday’s print edition of the Alameda Journal for all the letters to the editor. But you can find them online here. The letters include a note from Dianne Richmond, the president of the Alameda Association of Realtors—written in opposition to Measure P. There are submissions both for and against Proposition 8, which would amend the state constitution to make marriage between people of the same gender illegal. And you can also find two letters in support of Ron Mooney‘s candidacy for school board. For more on endorsements, Lauren Do has a nice election roundup page here.