Alamedanet.net email down

Email was inaccessible this morning when I, up early, tried to download my email at 5:00 a.m. A friend and neighbor, who said she did get some emails through this afternoon, said it was also inoperable late Saturday night as well.

My mid-afternoon phone call to the ‘transition hotline’ number cost me 20 minutes on hold. When I finally got through, a young man in Concord said that Comcast had just learned of the problem a few hours before. Which, if true, made me sad, because email had been down for 12 hours at that point. Internet access remains live at my house, as does cable TV. When will the email come through again?


  • Manny

    ummmmmmm…preview of things to come…I’ve heard awful things about Comcastic…total bummer about Alameda Telecom…

  • Lis

    You can still call the old Alameda Tech Support at 1-888-207-0204 until March
    when the transition is final.
    I am thinking of moving e-mail accounts to g-mail and weighing another provider for internet and cable.
    Other thoughts out there?

  • David Kirwin

    Each of the phone calls I made to Comcast cost me over 15 minutes, boy am I glad for speaker phones. Turns out the issue was not caused by Comcast equipment, but by some 3rd party equipment that redirects the APT data to Comcast equipment, which is why Comcast subscribers that were not APT subscribers were not affected – At least that is what I was told by Comcast tech dept. although I thought it was all Comcast equipment now anyway.

    While I tied to support the home-team, (Go Jets, too!), and stuck with the sinking ship of alamedanet.net until it hit bottom, on Friday we switched from APT to Comcast with accounts and equipment. I thought the e-mail problem Sunday was related to that except that cable, phone and internet access still worked, I just could not log into my @alamedanet.net address. I have to say the computers in this house are moving so much faster since Friday, and the picture on the TV is so much better. The City’s Telecom attempt was ambitious, but a terrible mistake. I thought it sounded good from the start, I believed what I read in the paper, and I too made the mistake of supporting it with my vote. Prior to the Multiplex and public parking tower, I never really examined the ways our City officials and staff works, communicates or governs. I wish I had paid more attention, there were enough people who did know better back then, the naysayers just don’t get the column inches in the local press to explain.

  • Melissa Mendoza


    I’m not aware of your specific outage, but I would like to apologize for the inconveniences this causes. If there is anything my team can do to assist in this situation, please email us at We_Can_Help@cable.comcast.com. We’re here if you need us.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa Mendoza
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  • Margaret

    So Comcast Customer Services tells you if you are having a problem with E Mail to E Mail them. That should tell you the big problem with Comcast.

    That is almost funny.