• http://actionalameda.org/actionalamedanewsblog/2008/12/18/alameda-education-foundation-shored-up/ David Howard

    It was reported to us that Briggance was paid $60k per year. According to tax filings for the year ended June 30, 2007, her predeccesor, Kristine Murray was paid $45K per year, so $60K is a 34% increase. Tax filings for the year ended June 30, 2008 aren’t available yet, so we can’t confirm Briggance’s salary.

  • Eve

    Briggance worked full-time. The previous ED worked 3/4 time.

  • http://actionalameda.org/actionalamedanewsblog/2008/12/18/alameda-education-foundation-shored-up/ David Howard

    Evidently AEF can’t afford full-time…

  • David Kirwin

    As a reporter with close ties to AEF, can you shed any light on why AEF never used part of its budget to pay for the type of audit which would have allowed Brooke to do the kind of grant proposals that she had wanted to do all along? It was my understanding that she wanted to “go after the big money” and leave the small contributions to the PTA’s.

    This sounded to me like a good plan. Was it just another case of “All plan, no action?”. I was taught it is best to plan your work, and then work your plan. It is disappointing that so often it is only the 1st step that gets planned, revised, altered, and then redone, before determining it is time to “go in a whole new direction” and start over with a new plan, a revision…, but the follow thru work is never accomplished.

    With the layoff of Brooke is that the new story for AEF – will AEF go back to local fundraising that could ‘compete’ with PTA fundraising? I like the fact that AEF does try to balance opportunities at schools across the island just as some east-end school PTAs ‘adopt’ west end schools that need extra support.

    While I was disappointed that AEF would never reveal how and where they spent the money, I am surprised that AEF would now decide not to follow the better plan for bringing new resources to Alameda. Will the audit ever be funded so AEF can pursue the outside grants?

  • Steve

    Too bad about AEF. Too bad about the state budget. I really wonder how the schools are going to come at all together for the kids of Alameda.