Alameda’s UTStarcom cuts 500 jobs

I admit to not having heard of UTStarcom until yesterday. But the Fortune 1000 company (with offices worldwide, including Alameda) appears to be cutting 500 jobs. It is not clear from news reports how many of those layoffs will be local. In case you are curious about UTStarcom, there’s this from the wikipedia:

UTStarcom is a Fortune 1000 company that specializes in IP-based networking products for telecommunications companies and service providers. Its core markets are multimedia communications and broadband, including IP communications and entertainment (IPTV), next generation broadband networks and optical network solutions.


  • Felicity

    We are definitely living through some uncertain times. Maybe you could give us a happy holiday column :)

  • C. A. Parker

    It would be interesting for the local media to compile a tally of the total number of Alameda layoffs – or some approximate number – for 2008 and continue to monitor the number in the coming year. At the Alameda Food Bank we are seeing, up close and personal, the effects these job losses are having on our Alameda neighbors. If anybody wants to do something constructive with the frustration, anger and sadness they have over what’s happening in our local economy, one good place to redirect that energy is to give what you can to our food bank – whether it be your time, talent or donations of food or money. Visit its website at http://www.alamedafoodbank.org/

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