Comcast, where is my dial tone?

I was feeling pretty jolly about my new Comcast phone, internet and cable service (installation was seamless) until, uh, this morning when I found I had no dial tone. A dial tone, as you know, is important for one’s ability to make and receive phone calls. As such, I have not been able to make and receive phone calls this morning. Though, yesterday, I was able to do so. Which was nice then.

Moments ago, I called Comcast on my handy cell phone, and spoke to a nice young gentleman named Alonzo. He said, no problem that he could reboot my phone modem by remote. He rebooted and tried to call me on my home phone but, still, nothing. As Alonzo found, if you call my number right now you get the Comcast voicemail center which I don’t need to use (as old-fashioned as it may be, we have an answering machine) but don’t yet know how to uninstall. In any case, Alanzo said he would send a technician over at noon today. Actually, at first he said, “Will you be able to be home between twelve and four today?” To which, I replied I am not. So we agreed on him trying to get someone here at noon. Which, mercifully, I am able to be here for. Though, as we all know, many others are not able to be home mid-day to receive a phone technician. Hopefully my phone service will be restored by, say, 1 p.m. Details to follow.

As you likely know, Comcast bought Alameda Power and Telecom‘s telecom portion a few months back. Anyone else having Comcast troubles? Comcast successes?


  • http://everwas.com ian kennedy

    I’ve had the Vonage voip service running over Comcast for almost four years now and every couple of months I have the same problem, dead air when you pick up the phone receiver.

    In each instance, I unplug the cable modem, phone router, and wireless hub that I use for my internet connectivity and then, after waiting 60 seconds, plug them all back in.

    The order you plug them in is important. First the cable modem (watch the lights on the modem to make sure it connects properly), then the phone router (again, wait for the lights to come on), then finally, the wireless hub.

    That little dance then buys me another couple of months of uninterrupted service. Not sure why it goes out, I chalk it up to sunspots or gremlins.

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  • Joseph L Hill

    Comcast just left and their modem/phone modem doesn’t work — dead air! I’m pissed and this is why I dropped Comcast 10 years back. Sh*tty job tech. He’d shoulda checked the line to ensure a dial tone rather than leaving me with two cords…. And I shoulda known by now to have them verify that eveything works the way I want it to work. I can’t wait til I’m 50 ’cause by then I won’t be allowing #ssholes to have their way with my time and $$$!…. I hope. No more mister nice guy. From this point on everybody checks and verifies their work!

  • hunter spencer

    Something similar is happening right now. A few days ago, our phones dial tone disappeared. We called comcast from a cell phone, and like above, comcast said they would come between noon and four. what kind of place says they need a 4 hour time span to show up at your door? The same guy who always works on the cable shows up, complains about crappy wiring, the phone starts working, and he leaves. I think ‘Good, my phone is working.’ well, i wake up, i pick up the phone, and guess what? no dial tone. Its not the phone, it had worked before. I’m guessing its not the wiring either, because other people have the same troubles i do. I believe, and this is my opinion, that comcast sucks.